Tour de Gym final leader board


After a grueling 21 days on the saddle, 343km later at speeds close to 40kph every ride … on a stationary bike with NO change of scenary… I managed to secure 2nd place on the podium in individual women. My team, team MAKK: Matt, Alan, Kerry and Kristy, took out first place in the teams tour event.

Everyone worked very hard, some moments knowing the target time of a competitor left you with no time to slack off or lose focus having to keep RPMS between 100-105 most of the way. This was of course different on the high mountain stages and sprints – but these seemed to bur intensely with every revolution.

I have been humbled by only 10% of the distance the real Tour de France competitiors endure, not to mention the changing elements, dangerous terrain and mental and physical pressure their bodies must go through!

It would have been nice to have won 10% of their prize money too …. however a low carb beer at the Tour de Gym party Friday … which also sees the end of dry July (5 weeks on Friday) will be reward enough!

See the official leader board below for distances and times:​en/60811182?access_key=key-2k0​aa6lrb3s1ipnkj2pf