Tour de France a la tour de gym


July is a huge month for KLR.. Not only is it ‘dry july’ … no alcohol has passed these lips since Saturday June 25th! But July 1st marked the start of the Tour de France the most prestigious cycling competition in the world.. and the ‘Tour de Gym’ the toughest competition at the University Recreation Centre!
3 weeks of grueling time trials, sprints and uphill climbs at 10% of the distance of what the real Tour athletes are completing. When they cycle 190km we do 19km as fast as possible on the brand new Watt bikes. When they hill climb we hill climb …

This competition kicked off with an inspirational movie night ‘hell on wheels’ the documentary relaying the German team’s painful ‘Tour’ story, a very interesting angle given we normally only hear the American team perspective. We cycled in the spin studio for 90mins with no popcorn or choc bombs, watching these guys sweat blood.. warming our legs up for our competition the next day..