Nutrition Coaching with Kristy

With so much confusion in the media surrounding diets and so many different food products on the market, it can be overwhelming to even know what to eat for breakfast these days!

My nutritional philosophy is one that considers your daily food routine as being unique to you as an individual to suit your family, work pattern and lifestyle while at the same time presenting the truthful facts about food and how best to energize the body or facilitate weight loss.

The 6 Week Programme - in summary

My Nutrition Coaching programme is $160 and includes:

  • Personal food diary analysis for 6 weeks
  • Body composition measurements and weight before and after 6 weeks to track progress
  • Lifestyle tips to change eating habits
  • Goal setting
  • Meal timing
  • 7 day meal plan with 35 meal options per week
  • Healthy snack shopping list
  • Recipe ideas and food tips
  • Portion control guide

Ongoing support

I understand the emotional attachment many people have with food and how difficult it can be to make these changes, so my clients are never left on their own.

I offer on-going support through practical tools and tips using apps, recipes food diaries and one on one consulting of weekly food reports.This offers accountability and creates positive lifestyle habits.

I can educate you on the reality of energy or calorie expenditure, how much food you need at each meal and the best foods to maximize your performance with your fitness routines.

Making it work for you

I have developed this successful plan over years of understanding and adapting to cultural differences and rituals while considering home life to suit those with children or extended family.

I can also design special plans to suit night shift work, vegetarians and gluten/dairy free requirements.

Expertise made simple

My nutritional program provides optimal levels of essential fats, fibre and protein for muscle, bone and hormonal health while promoting feelings of wellness and balance in every other aspect of your life.

The food plan is a 7 day meal and recipe guide that offers a suggested 35 meals and snacks per week with options for extra snack ideas for cravings after dinner to help break the sugar habit.

Each meal or snack has a protein focus with the right amount of fats and carbs added at optimal times to promote fullness and energy throughout the day.

I also offer a practical shopping list, links to my online food tips and most importantly, the ability to have your food diary checked every week for 6 weeks and advice given on how to make simple food swaps and portion control to achieve your health goals.

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