KLR represented at the National Amateur Bodybuilders Championships





KERRY LOOMES will represent KLR Body Architect in the 2011 NABBA Counties-Manukau championships, Saturday August 6th.


Kerry is a research scientist and senior lecturer in biochemistry at the University of Auckland. Kerry decided to challenge his physical limits by entering his first Body Building competition this year.

Kerry has dropped an astounding 10kg over the course of a year (half of that in the last couple of months) through a tough and consistent training routine and careful measuring and monitoring of his diet. The dedication and sacrifice Kerry has made to follow through with this gruelling competition is reflected in the amazing results you can see in his new body!

Kerry started doing regular KLR Zumba, Pump and Spin classes each week, withthe addition of a serious, high intensity, high volume resistance session twice a week designed by KLR. This made a significant difference to Kerry’s overall body shape and strength. People started to comment on how athletic and defined he looked.

Over the last few months, the increased protein, decreased carbohydrates, increased quantities of H2O and regular caliper fat tests made the biggest difference to Kerry’s body fat percentage. With three weeks out from the competition Kerry’s metabolism had changed to a higher gear and it became a matter of trying to spare muscle at all costs and keep his shapely pecs and shoulders from wasting away – a complete reversal for him. All excess cardio was dropped, exercise was to be strictly kept at a heart rate of less than 130 bpm to ensure fat burning but not glycogen or muscle loss and carbs and protein were increased slightly to keep his energy stores up. Kerry’s body fat hit an all time low of just over 7% last week which was virtually competition level. It has been a daily challenge to monitor calories and sugar to the gram in order to peak at the weight class limit of 84 kg this Saturday at competition weigh in. Every ml of water loss or gain is crucial to the outcome on Saturday.

The one thing Kerry has to look forward to after months of low sodium,high protein, steamed vegetables and carbless protein bars…Pre-comp at NCM is a shot of whiskey and ten jelly beans to give him ‘flushing’ and ‘vascularity’ and plump the muscles up in order to show off his ripped body to the judges. His secret weapon is ‘Niacin’ taken 20 minutes before competing to enduce a flushing and colour to the skin aswell as vascularity. Timing will be crucial in order to get the most out of the muscles on the day.

Kerry has learnt so much about his body and it’s response to diet and exercise over the course of this competition, he will now incorporate these tools into his healthier lifestyle. “I guess one thing I underestimated was that you can exercise all you like but to make real change, you have to pay close attention to diet”

Good luck Kerry you deserve this!