Hiring a personal trainer when your budget is tight


You’re already aware of the fact that a personal trainer will help you greatly with your fitness goals.

  • Do you think you’ll meet your goal without a personal trainer?
  • And if you’re confident that you will reach your goal how long do you think it will take you without one?
  • Do you have enough fitness and health knowledge to design a program for yourself based on your past fitness and medical history?

A personal trainer however can be terribly expensive. When you look at their hourly fee it can range from $50 – $400. The range is pretty broad in Auckland City so shop around.

So how do you look for a personal trainer that’ll fit your budget? There are some who are reasonable.

If you have free time during the day book your session when noone is having one. Off-peak hour sessions may help save you some money. Another thing that you can consider are shorter sessions. So instead of 60 minute sessions go for 30 minutes.

Also check with personal trainers who give discounts for training couples. You can also get bigger discounts if you can form a group of three to five people. Make sure though that you have more or less the same fitness level. When you do these small group personal training sessions be sure though that you will not miss any of the sessions as the program will continure on even if you can’t make it unless the whole group cannot make it too. Cancellations are usually not allowed but make sure you double check with the personal trainer that you’ve chosen.

Some personal trainers also offer discounted rates when they are still undergoing their training and on their way to attaining their certification. Look for personal trainers who have had extensive experience on the job and are just studying to formalize their profession. You can get them cheaper when they don’t have certificates yet.

One other thing to consider is barter with the personal trainer if you can. Perhaps there are some things that you own you can exchange for her services? It doesn’t hurt to try. If the personal trainer does not accept your proposition, then look for other ways to get a discount.