Fitstrip exercises / summer programme Jan 2015

Exercise 1: Squats / Jump Squats

As many of my clients are away at the moment I have designed a programme of exercises to help you keep in shape!

The top left and right photos on each grid below show the main or basic version of the exercise, while the bottom left and right photos demonstrate the advanced version.

Exercise 1: Squats / Jump Squats

Exercise 1
Basic [top L to R]: Squats
Advanced [bottom L to R]: Jump Squats

Exercise 2: Press Ups

Exercise 2
Basic [top L to R]: Press Ups (on toes)
Advanced [bottom L to R]: Press Ups (legs elevated)

Exercise 3: Jump Lunges

Exercise 3
Basic [top L to R]: Lunge with a Knee Raise (the knee lifts up to the chest then down to the lunge again)
Advanced [bottom L to R]: Lunge with a Jump

Exercise 4: Renegade Row

Exercise 4
Basic [top L to R]: High plank then renegade row – hand lifts to armpit
Advanced [bottom L to R]: renegade row as above then into T side rotation where the arm lifts all the way up

Exercise 5: Burpees

Exercise 5
Basic [top L to R]: burpee squat thrusts
Advanced [top L to R, then bottom L to R]: Burpee squat thrust alternated with standing jump

6. Abdominal shin touches / Full V ups

Exercise 6
Basic [top L to R]: Abdominal shin touches – legs up in the air then reach up to touch shins
Advanced [bottom L to R]: Full V Ups – legs lower halfway to the ground like in pump then reach up to touch shins