Eat what you like on holiday!


Just because you go on holiday for a few weeks doesn’t mean your body has to! All the hard work, pain and sweat you have put in over the last few months to get that ripped beach body shouldn’t be temporary. It will require just 30 mins per day of dedication (that’s nothing when you have 6 hours by the pool!)

Exploring your holiday destination on foot from your hotel is the best way to see the ‘real life and essence’ of the country. Run 15mins at high intensity one way and come back the same way. Do the same the next day in the opposite direction. When you are more familiar with the area, you may be able to do an extended loop if you know where you are going. In my experience, in most tourist areas, people do not run – so you may get stared at or called names by other tourists! There may also not be a safe running path so make sure you have good running shoes, take some plasters and watch where you are going. Take a water bottle and a cap as it can heat up quickly in the early hours of the morning and you can risk dehydrating or getting heat stroke if running intensely. You should aim to be working at around 80% or your maximum as this is a short intensity burst for 30 mins. Best time to run for fat burning in my opinion is just before breakfast or dinner. On my latest holiday in Bali I ran around the entire Island of Gili Air in 27 mins! (It is a small Island)

This can also be substituted for a 30 min swim if running is not for you. Have you ever tried freestyle swimming the length of a tropical beach! It is one of may favourite things to do for exercise on holiday. Take your goggles or a mask and even flippers – enjoy the beautiful clear water and fish as you get your cardio exercise done for the day. It is a good idea to bring a waterproof sports watch with you or pick a destination on the shore that you are going to turn around at having timed the start of your swim. You can always extend it the next day.

If you are not on holiday in a hot country, explore the hotel gym/fitness centre. There is usually at least a set of dumbbells, a bench and a cable machine. If you are unsure how to use the machine, stick to light weights and high repetition until you are familiar with the exercise. Try to pick one exercise per body part and do as many repetitions as you can to ‘muscular failure’ before moving on to the next body part. Create a mini circuit e.g. lunges – pressups-dumbbell squats-dumbbell bicep curls then repeat this 3 times through. This should be non-stop and fast so you can elevate your heart rate.

Remember to take your dyna band or bungee with you in your suitcase for an indoor circuit option. A nice light addition to that is a skipping rope – 10 mins skipping and a bungee circuit will be enough to maintain your muscles.

If you have no beach, no running shoes, no fitness centre – here is the KLR 1000′s circuit, this gets my heart rate over 180 bpm, requires no equipment and will work every muscles group including back without there being a direct back exercise in it!
KLR’s 1000′s circuit: (to be performed non-stop) Turn the music up loud…..

100 lunges (change legs at 50)
100 pressups (do as many on your toes as you can before changing to knees)
100 dips (use a bench, couch, desk, ottoman to lean your wrists on)
100 squat jumps ( you may only be able to do 10 in a row then have a breather but don’t give up!)
100 pressups (10 on toes, 10 on knees etc)
100 jump lunges (switching legs on each jump)
100 dips (the closer you bring your legs in to the body the easier)
100 wide leg squats (or jump squats if you are brave)
100 pressups (final set! I don’t care how you do them just get them done)
100 travelling lunges (around the room)
** for any over achievers: add 100 sit ups or 100 seconds of planks/prone holds at the end!

** you might want to start with 500′s on the first day (just halve everything) so you can still lift your fork and move the next day!