About Kristy


“I believe there is no quick fix to achieving goals, just consistent dedication, excellent nutrition and personal belief.

I love helping anyone who wants to get fitter and stronger but I have a special interest in teaching women they can be strong and feminine at the same time.

I enjoy working with anyone who is motivated to make a true change to their lifestyle and their body.”

“I started my fitness career at 16, shadowing experienced trainers in gyms who I admired and who I could  absorb the best techniques from. My Ballet and Jazz dance training fired up my love for teaching aerobics classes to others. I combined this with a Sport & Exercise Science degree to strengthen my knowledge of the body.  

marathon_600_300I love the creativity of fitness program design and I never give up until I have found what truly motivates or ‘clicks’ for my clients.

My biggest personal achievement so far is running the New York Marathon  (my first marathon) in under 4 hours!”

Kristy’s Qualifications and Accreditations:


Interests and Activities:

“Music, dancing and painting are my passions! Diabetes research, Corporate Wellness, Resistance Training, Hip Hop /dance choreography, finding new techniques to keep people motivated/challenged and achieving goals, challenging competitions which push physical boundaries i.e. Sky Tower Run, Head to Head, Stroke & Stride, New York Marathon
Secret weakness: Salt ‘n vinegar chips, peanut butter and Thai food!”



“Kristy Robertson is the most professional, motivational and dedicated trainer I have worked with. She immediately understood my personal needs and designed a nutritional and exercise plan to suit.
Some moderate injury setbacks (which were entirely my own doing and unrelated to her programme) were easily and quickly accommodated, keeping me on track and ensuring my results were maintained.
Under Kristy’s expert guidance I lost 14kg in 16 weeks, greatly enhanced my cardio-vascular conditioning and significantly increased all round body strength.
I unreservedly recommend Kristy as an ideal trainer for anyone looking to improve their overall fitness and wellbeing, or with more targeted goals in mind.
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity.”

- Chris Macbeth, Site Manager and Director at Tatura Milk Industries

“Kristy is an excellent personal trainer and a great person. She is also well respected at Auckland University and her gym classes are always packed.”

- Everdina Fuli, Business Manager Research, Te Whare Kura, Faculty of Arts, University of Auckland


“Kristy’s Zumba class is high-energy fun where every part of your body gets a work-out. The music is always amazing and high energy. Kristy is a professional, talented and easy going/fun instructor and always takes time to show new moves.
One of the greatest benefits I get is knowing I can do the class at a high intensity, I sweat heaps and still leave the class smiling and feeling energized. If you have the chance you need to get to one of Kristy’s classes!”

- Lisa Blockley, I Graduate Management Trainee I Novotel & Ibis


Bringing Fitness & Wellness to the workplace with Bene-Fit Wellness Solutions:

As well as working as a Group Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer and Nutritionist, Kristy is the co-founder and co-director of Bene-Fit Wellness Solutions where she and her team offer corporate packages to bring private group fitness sessions combined with personalised nutritional plans  to people in the workplace.

If you are interested in participating in a 6 week fitness plan with your colleagues, find out more in the video below and visit the Bene-Fit website for more information!